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    Pharmaceutical intermediate
    Custom Synthesis

    Kangnuo Bioengineering is located on the west of Dongba Road, where there is no high-density human inhabitant, school, or other public institutes. Depending on all the preferable traits, we launch our core production. According to local geographic traits and relevant environmental protection standards, we perform our manufacturing under environmental-friendly, discharge inspecting guideline. We have two multi-functional workshops, with plant base covering 26,667 sqm, which is always pushed to expanding at a steady pace. Our highly specialized items are comprised of pharmaceutical intermediates of Lisinopril, Risperidone, Paliperidone and relevant API products, which account for 5 tons annually in sum. It’s one kind of creation for value production, also a commitment for environment. We advocate environment-friendly and sustainable pattern of development, instead of traditional cleaning after polluting way. We ensure the water pollutants released are in compliance with GB 3095-1996 Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water,releasing gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and gases in other category are also in compliance with GB3095-1996 Quality Standards of Ambient Air… 

    In the patent-restricted countries and regions, we will not sell the patent-forbidden drugs in these countries and regions. At the same time, we are not capable to distinguish the actions of buyer, so the buyer should take all the responsibilities for patent and other legal problems caused by his buying actions.

    Add: 22#, ZiHe Road, Economic Development Zone, Dongying
    Tel: +86-546-8073216 8073217 8073218 8073219 Fax: +86-546-8073200 E-mail: kn@knpharm.com
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