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    Our company is located in Dongying, China. 

    Dongying is a high-tech and rapidly developing city in Shandong Province, which is the Estuary of Yellow River, the fifth longest river globally, and at the verge of Bohai Bay. Dongying Yellow River Delta is the most complete, young and typical Wetland Ecology System in the world as well as the Heaven of Birds. 

    As a high-tech enterprise, Kannguo has been progressing at a fast speed and adhering to laws and rules to be an ethical and trusted manufacturer. If you are interested in our products and service, please feel free to contact us.  


    Kangnuo Bioengineering
    Add: 22#, ZiHe Road, Economic Development Zone, Dongying
    Tel: +86-546-8073216  8073217  8073218  8073219
    Fax: +86-546-8073200 
    E-mail: kn@knpharm.com 
    Postcode: 257100

    Add: 22#, ZiHe Road, Economic Development Zone, Dongying
    Tel: +86-546-8073216 8073217 8073218 8073219 Fax: +86-546-8073200 E-mail: kn@knpharm.com
    Copyright(C)2014 , Shandong Kangnuo Bioengineering Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.  Supported by  ChemNet 
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